What can you eat on carnivore diet

Carnivore Diet, is an all meat based diet.

It does in fact help you lose weight, gain muscle mass, and much more. And in fact, it does assist in reversing diseases. We all understand there isn’t much research done yet, but in time, it will show the benefit of the Carnivore diet World Wide.

Foods to consume

Red Meat

BeefPorkLambExotic & Wild GameWhite Meat

Organ Meat

TendonsGizzardsSweetbreads / PancreasPrairie OystersSpleenBrainHeartBone MarrowLiverKidneysTongueSeafood

Echinoderms (Sea Cucumber)ShellfishAll wild Fish SpeciesMedusozoa (Jelly fish)RoeEggs

Quail EggsEmu EggsDuck EggsGoose EggsChicken EggsDairy & Fat

Whale BlubberSuetSchmaltz (Chicken Fat)LardCheeseButterGheeBeef TallowDuck FatSeasoning

Sea SaltHimalayan Salt (in limitation)Download “Carnivore Diet App”

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