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I’ve lost 56 lbs on keto and maintained that loss for a year and a half

How long have you been doing keto?

Two years

What motivated you to start keto?

A need to lose weight. I’m a jazz vocalist and being in front of people being overweight was uncomfortable, especially since I was used to being thinner. For my livelihood, I needed to be able to wear cool clothes and look good.

What benefits/successes have you experienced?

I’ve lost 56 lbs and maintained that loss for a year and a half. I feel great! I was selected to model for a bronze statue. The artist starts the statue nude and adds clothes. My God, I was glad I wasn’t 56lbs heavier. I was proud of my 60-year-old body, not embarrassed!

I’m very active, have great stamina, and seldom tire. I have had experience with fasting since 1978 and I enjoy it now more than ever.

What was the hardest part?

Deciding, finally, to just get into ketosis instead of dabbling in low carb five days a week. Stopping wine altogether to get there.

What were the keys or top tools to your success?

Immersion into science by listening to Thomas Delauer and Dr. Eric Berg; being able to easily fast both intermittent and extended; having experience, access, and knowledge of the best foods; being able to hike for hours a day, since the Appalachian Trail and country roads are at my doorstep; using the Keto-Mojo meter to verify the science.

Did you measure your ketones and/or glucose and if so, how did that help you?

It helped mostly by being fun and motivating. I also used it to get the most out of the timing of my extended fast.

What’s your favorite keto recipe?

Keto buns

I’m on the 4th day of a fast and I just remembered the tuna burger I had for my last meal and the fact that I have four more beautiful buns and more burger mix in the freezer.

What tips or words of wisdom can you share?

Accept where you are at the beginning of your journey and start by loving your body. Acknowledge your body’s wisdom, change your habits for the better, and accept the time frame of weight loss; you may have to heal and adjust before the scale moves. Be happy and satisfied with every little step you take in the right direction. Always make clear decisions and follow through. Pamper yourself and take care of yourself shamelessly! Enjoy your food and focus on all of the delicious foods that work. Prepare to continue your new life of eating and moving forever; looking forward to modifying to greater flexibility for weight maintenance. After you’ve reached your ideal weight, keep weighing in daily. If you go above the weight you’ve decided to maintain, take action by deciding what you will do to drop back down and follow-through: stricter IF or keto; an extended fast; more movement. Shop for new clothes, especially at thrift stores! When you wake every morning and several times a day stop, take a few deep breaths, and appreciate your body and how great you look and feel. Encourage others and share!

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