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April 20, 2020 — A roundup of the latest news about COVID-19

The U.S. passes three-quarters of a million cases; the country’s anti-lockdown protests may be coordinated by just a handful of people; and wild animals roam locked down streets around the world. Find out what happened over the weekend and this morning:

Over the weekend another 200,000 cases were confirmed around the world, bringing the total over 2.4 million. Nearly 20,000 more people died—that total now stands at 166,000. But another 80,000 recoveries have been tallied, too, for a total of 633,000. The U.S. has almost one-third of all cases worldwide, with 760,000 as of this morning. Nearly 41,000 have died here, and 71,000 have recovered.
Inaccurate or misused antibody tests purporting to show immunity, rushed to market without FDA approval, may prove as damaging as the faulty diagnostic tests that delayed the country’s initial coronavirus response. 
The Detroit Police Department has been hard-hit by the virus. More than one-third of uniformed officers have been quarantined at some point.
Singapore seemed to be holding off a major outbreak, but then cases spiked. What happened?

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