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Afraid of COVID-19 During Sex? Wear a Mask, Experts Say

MONDAY, June 8, 2020 (HealthDay News) — Social distancing isn’t possible during sex, so wearing a mask might be the best way to prevent COVID-19 infection, CNN reported Friday.

That’s the advice of three Harvard doctors who urge people who haven’t been in lockdown together to wear a mask and avoid kissing.

They give more advice in a paper published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

Whether the virus can be spread by sex isn’t known, but what is known is that coughing, sneezing and spitting expel droplets rife with corinavirus.

“The sexual health implications of these recommendations have received little attention, even though it appears that all forms of in-person sexual contact carry risk for transmission of the virus,” researcher Dr. Jack Turban, a resident at Harvard Medical School, told CNN.

The closeness of sex puts infected people who may not have symptoms next to someone who may not be infected — leaving the door open for spreading the virus.

To make less risky the researchers recommend:

Abstinence — not a viable option for some, of course.Reduce the number of sexual partners.Avoid sex with people who have COVID-19, or with fever, cough, fatigue and loss of taste or smell.Shower before and after.Avoid sex acts that involve the oral transmission of bodily fluids.Clean the area after with soap or alcohol wipe.

The paper also includes recommendations for masturbation and online sex.

Even sex between partners who have been in isolation together has some risks, because one person might be infected and not know it, the research team noted. They do not say that a mask is needed in this situation, however, CNN noted.

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