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Keto Fat Bomb Recipes That Destroy Cravings and Keep You in Ketosis

Fat bombs are the perfect portable way to round out your macros and satisfy your cravings on a ketogenic diet. Plus, they’re easy to customize with luscious flavors that will keep you satisfied without the carbohydrates.

Most fat bombs contain a combination of healthy fats, binders (such as nut flours or shredded coconut), sugar-free sweeteners, and flavorings. Not all fat bombs are created equal, though — you’ll want recipes with the best-quality fats to keep you satisfied and in ketosis.

From simple chocolate recipes to savory and dessert-themed fat bombs, these yummy fat bomb recipes strike the perfect balance between satisfying fat and delicious flavor.

Chocolate fat bombs

If your chocolate-loving sweet tooth is troubling you, these yummy, decadent fat bombs are sure to satisfy.

Chocolate Fat Bombs

If you’re new to fat bombs, this is the perfect starter recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie: Coconut butter mixes with cacao powder and coconut oil for a chewy, chocolatey bite.

To keep this recipe Bulletproof, opt for coconut butter instead of nut butter, and use sweeteners like liquid stevia or monk fruit.

White Chocolate Fat Bombs

Rich and creamy without being too sweet, these fat bombs take their shape from grass-fed Collagelatin and their richness from coconut cream mixed with cacao butter. (Use cocoa butter if you can tolerate it, and don’t have cacao butter on hand.)

This 10-minute recipe only needs a little extra time to set before you can enjoy each smooth bite with under 1 net carb.

Bulletproof Fat Bombs

While fat bombs don’t hold a candle to Bulletproof Coffee, this recipe from KetoDiet Blog still incorporates Brain Octane Oil and grass-fed butter.

With mocha notes from strong brewed coffee and cocoa powder, these rich and chocolatey bombs are ultra-satisfying and only have .5 net carbs each.

Use coconut cream instead of mascarpone, if you’re avoiding dairy.

Mint Chocolate Strawberry Fat Bombs

Chocolate-covered strawberry fans, this recipe from Appetite for Energy is for you. Whisk up melty chocolate, then layer in molds with a mix of coconut milk and strawberries.

With a touch of natural sweetness and no refined sugar, these bombs only have 2 net carbs each.

Fudge Fat Bombs

For a chewier take on chocolate fat bombs, this recipe from Real Balanced uses coconut flour and almond butter for a brownie-like bite.

Best of all, each one is only 1.4 net carbs.

Raspberry Almond Chocolate Fat Bombs

This recipe from My PCOS Kitchen is basically a chocolate bar disguised as a fat bomb.

Mix up a base of coconut and almond butters, then sprinkle with nuts and raspberries for a fat-packed chocolate bark with less than 1.5 net carbs per serving.

Chocolate Cherry Fat Bombs

You don’t need cream cheese to create a smooth, creamy fat bomb! With no dairy, this keto fat bomb recipe from Create Mindfully is also vegan-friendly.

Dark cherries get mashed and mixed with melty coconut butter, coconut oil, and cacao for a sweet and satisfying bite that anyone could love (and just 1 net carb per serving).

Fruity fat bombs

If what you’re craving is a fruit-flavored treat to fit your low-carb diet, these fruity fat bombs are right up your alley.

Dairy-free Lemon Fat Bombs

All you need is a blender and quality ingredients to prep these lemony, coconutty fat bombs.

Each bite gets creaminess from coconut butter and coconut oil, plus sweetness and tang from lemon zest and erythritol. An easy, zesty snack at under 1 net carb per bomb.

Coconut Fat Bombs

Use some of your keto pantry staples to make this fat bomb recipe from Keto Connect.

You only need coconut milk, coconut oil, unsweetened coconut flakes, and liquid stevia to prep them, and the results are less than 1 net carb apiece.

Blackberry Coconut Fat Bombs

These fudgy bombs from Low Carb Yum are bursting with blackberry flavor, and get their healthy fats from coconut butter and coconut oil.

Simply blend ingredients together and freeze for super chewy bites with .7 net carbs each.

Blueberry Bliss Fat Bombs

Raw cashews form a creamy base to this fat bomb recipe from Real Balanced without any added dairy.

Added fat from coconut oil and coconut butter makes sweet and creamy bombs with less than 5 net carbs each.

Strawberry-Filled Coconut Fat Bombs

These bombs from The Happy Health Freak marry a coconut butter base with a sweet strawberry center and only have 1 net carb each — perfect for anyone missing fruit on a keto diet.

Coconut Lime Fat Bombs

This recipe from Creations and Catastrophes is perfect for cooling down on a hot day (or silencing your key lime pie cravings).

You need a few pantry staples like coconut oil, vanilla, and coconut cream, plus zest and juice from 2 small limes.

Simply melt your ingredients together and pour into molds for tart, creamy bites packed with healthy fats.

Savory fat bombs

Not all fat bombs have to be sweet! These savory fat bombs are perfect for a quick boost of energy, or as a snack to keep you going until your next meal.

Bacon & Egg Fat Bombs

Yes, you can make savory fat bombs! This recipe from KetoDiet Blog whips up a deviled egg-style mixture, then surrounds it in crunchy bacon pieces.

Each fat bomb is .2 net carbs, too, so they’re keto-friendly enough to enjoy every morning.

Salmon Benny Breakfast Bombs

With under 1 net carb per serving, this recipe from Ruled.Me tastes like a weekend brunch you can whip up every day.

These bombs capture the same flavors of eggs benedict with smoked salmon, chives, and a creamy hollandaise sauce.

Bacon & Guacamole Fat Bombs

Perfect for snack time, game day, and everything in between, this recipe from KetoDiet Blog is a showstopper. A buttery guacamole center is studded with crisp bacon on the outside for a creamy, crunchy treat.

Packed with fiber and fat, these bites are just 1.4 net carbs per serving.

Breakfast Bacon Fat Bombs

Three keto staples — bacon, egg, and avocado — meet in this delicious recipe from A Simple Pantry.

These bombs mix up a buttery avocado egg salad mixture, then roll in bits of fresh-cooked bacon. Just 1 net carb each.

Avocado & Egg Fat Bombs

These fat bombs from KetoDiet Blog are ultra-satisfying and rich, thanks to a whipped filling of cooked egg yolks, mayonnaise, and avocado.

Use the filling for deviled eggs, or a dip for raw veggies — no matter how you make it, this fat bomb recipe only sets you back 1.1 net carbs.

Spiced fat bombs

Whether it’s for the holidays or you’re just having a craving for warming spices, these spiced fat bombs should take care of those nostalgia cravings.

No-Bake Pumpkin Spice Fat Bombs

Dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan, these little bites are perfect for those pumpkin spice cravings. Partner with some coffee for a keto twist of your afternoon pick me up. Enjoy at room temperature or put them in the fridge for a chilled treat later.

Note: If you look at the nutritional facts, these fat bombs come in at 5 net carbs per bomb, and are larger than standard. Adjust the size to make them lower carb, or, treat them as a complete delicious keto snack.

Grass-Fed Cinnamon Butter Fat Bombs

These sweet, buttery high-fat bombs from Whole Natural Life are ultra-easy to prepare and use ingredients you probably already have on-hand.

Let your grass-fed butter soften, then throw it in the food processor with stevia, cinnamon, and vanilla.

After freezing, they’re the perfect combo of sweet and spiced flavors — all with less than 1 carb each.

Cinnamon Roll Protein Balls

Chock full of protein and satisfying fats, these fat bombs are the perfect bite-sized snack for those hectic days.

And at only 1.9 net carbs per ball, you can enjoy them whenever the urge to have a real cinnamon roll strikes.

Gingerbread Fat Bombs

Get your gingerbread fix year-round with this fat bomb recipe from Low Carb With Jennifer. Add dry ingredients like almond flour, erythritol, and ground ginger to a bowl, then mix with melted butter and roll into balls. Each bomb is just 2 net carbs each.

Matcha Coconut Fat Bombs

These elegant, earthy truffles from The Healthy Foodie don’t skimp on fat — in fact, they get three different fat sources from coconut oil, coconut butter, and coconut milk.

With a roll in earthy, matcha-covered coconut flakes, these rich fat bombs don’t need any sweeteners to satisfy — and each one is just over 1 net carb.

Keto Chai Fat Bombs

No sweeteners needed: These spiced chai bombs from My Life Cookbook get natural sweetness from coconut butter and unrefined coconut oil.

Simply brew chai tea, mix with the remaining ingredients, then freeze in molds for fat bombs with just .2 net carbs each.

Dessert-style fat bombs

You can’t forget dessert! It’s hard to break the habit of a little something sweet at the end of a meal, especially when you’re just starting out on keto.

These little bites have classic dessert flavor without the blood sugar spike and carb crash at the end.

Keto Apple Pie Fat Bombs

This fat bomb recipe proves that apples can be keto-friendly with the right approach.

A buttery apple-infused base gets nestled in molds with a crumbly crust for a creamy take on apple pie with just under 1 net carb per apiece.

Cookie Dough Fat Bombs

So rich and sweet, you’d never guess they were fat bombs. These tasty bites from Gnom-Gnom contain a buttery almond flour dough studded with dark chocolate chips, then coated with melty dark chocolate.

Best of all? Each bite is 1 net carb.

Powdered Donut Hole Fat Bombs

Donuts are rarely “diet food” — but these bombs from Real Balanced are a delicious exception. These bites are free from tree nuts, and instead use a base of coconut butter, coconut flour, and coconut oil.

With added flavor from vanilla and a monk fruit sweetener, these doughy bites only set you back 1.7 net carbs.

3 Ingredient Almond Joy Fat Bombs

This fat bomb recipe from The Big Man’s World makes it easy to stick to your macros.

You only need sugar-free chocolate chips, coconut butter, and almonds to prep these fat bombs, and each one is 1 net carb.

Peppermint Cup Fat Bombs

Think peppermint patties, but in fat bomb form. This recipe from The Keto Summit surrounds a minty coconut butter base in a dark chocolate shell.

At 1 net carb each, this is one keto candy you won’t feel guilty enjoying.

Cookies and Cream Fat Bombs

A buttery cookie crust gets topped with vanilla cream for an out-of-this-world no-bake dessert-style fat bomb from Gnom-Gnom with only 3 net carbs. (Plus, no baking required.)

Opt for chilled coconut cream instead of the heavy whipping cream to keep this fat bomb recipe dairy-free.

Nut butter fat bomb recipes

Nut butter is an excellent source of fat on keto. As long as you pay attention to labels, or, make your own, it can also serve as a fast and easy keto snack.

Almond Pistachio Fat Bombs

This fat bomb recipe from The Healthy Foodie is comparable to a nutty fudge you might find at a candy shop — but without the sugar or dairy to make you crash.

These melty bites get their flavor from a base of cacao butter, almond butter, and coconut butter, plus chai spices and vanilla extract.

Then, the bombs get an extra crunch from crushed pistachios.

Paleo Butter Pecan Keto Fat Bombs

Nutty ghee blends with coconut butter, pecans, and vanilla for a sweet nutty fat bomb from What Great Grandma Ate with 1 net carb a piece.

Plus, this recipe adds grass-fed collagen for an extra protein boost.

Cashew Butter Fat Bombs

This simple fat bomb recipe from Food52 contains just 5 ingredients. Simply whip them together, pour into mini muffin liners, and freeze for soft and chewy bites with 2.5 grams of carb per bomb.

These are a perfect replacement for a peanut butter fat bomb if you don’t tolerate peanuts. (Or if you live in a paleo-keto household and have to watch those legumes!)

Swap the raw honey with a powdered low-carb sweetener like Swerve or birch xylitol or even liquid stevia to cut carbs even more.

Easy Almond Butter Fat Bombs

Don’t have cashew butter? Avoiding peanut butter? These almond butter bombs from Hey Keto Mama fit the bill.

With a simple mix of almond butter, coconut oil, cacao, and erythritol, these creamy bites are a snap to make and only tally up to 1.4 net carbs per serving.

Ice cream fat bombs

Creamy Coconut Bulletproof Ice Cream

This ice cream is a fat bomb in disguise. It’s loaded with healthy fat from egg yolks, grass-fed butter, cacao butter, and MCT oil, plus sweet flavor from coconut oil and xylitol.

Ultimate Fat Bomb Ice Cream

With a base similar to the Creamy Coconut ice cream, this fat bomb recipe from Healthful Pursuit blends up into a sweet, dairy-free variation.

With a whopping 8 flavor variations, it’s an easy way to get more delicious fat into your day — all with under 2 net carbs.

Keto Chocolate Ice Cream

Not a fan of coconut? This fat bomb recipe is for you. While it still contains coconut oil, the rich flavor from cacao butter and cocoa powder masks the coconutty taste.

Plus, with added fats from eggs and grass-fed butter, each scoop is just as satisfying as other fat bombs. Just 2.7 net carbs per serving.

Vanilla Frozen Fat Bomb Ice Cream

A fat bomb recipe that tastes like cupcake frosting? Sign us up. This keto “fat bomb” ice cream from KetoDiet Blog does take a few extra steps (like using an immersion blender halfway through the process), but the results are perfectly fluffy and creamy.

Best of all? Each serving is 1.7 net carbs.

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