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Decadent Kétolat Chocolate Bars | KETO-MOJO BLOG

Made in Canada, with 85% cocoa, these sugar-free chocolate bars may just be the best we’ve ever tasted.

Choose from a delicious range of flavors including:

Salted Caramel (3 net carbs per serving)Fleur de Sel (1 net carb per serving)Almond (1 net carb per serving)Blueberry (1 net carb per serving)Coffee (1 net carb per serving)Cocoa Nib (2 net carbs per serving)

And the serving size is very generous at 1/3 the bar!

They’re not sold in the US yet but you can order them directly from the Kétolat website. Bars are not cheap at $6.99, but worth it if you’re a chocolate lover.


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