Coronavirus Puts UV in the Disinfectant Spotlight

Jim Malley, PhD, professor of civil and environmental engineering, University of New Hampshire.

Linda Lee, DrPH, chief medical affairs and science officer, Angel UV.

Charles Gerba, PhD, microbiologist, University of Arizona.

David Brenner, PhD, director, Center for Radiological Research, Columbia University.

METRO Magazine: “MTA to use UV light to clean transit system.”

Business Insider: “Amazon built a roving robot covered in UV light bulbs that could kill the coronavirus in warehouses and Whole Foods stores.”


Journal of Virological Methods: “Inactivation of the coronavirus that induces severe acute respiratory syndrome, SARS-CoV.”

National Academy of Sciences: “Does ultraviolet (UV) light kill the coronavirus?”

(Preprint) Virology: “Far-UVC light efficiently and safely inactivates airborne human coronaviruses.”

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