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Coronavirus Medicines, Vaccines May Not be Far Away: European Official

FRIDAY, May 15, 2020 (HealthDay News) — Drugs to treat COVID-19 could be approved in the next few months, and a vaccine might be available by early 2021, in a “best-case scenario,” according to a European Medicines Agency official.

Approval of medicines to treat COVID-19 might be possible “before the summer,” Dr. Marco Cavaleri, head of the agency’s vaccines department, told a media briefing on Thursday, the Associated Press reported.

Recent early findings about the antiviral drug remdesivir suggest it could help speed patients’ recovery from COVID-19, but longer-term research is needed to confirm any benefit.

Cavaleri also said that if some of the vaccines currently being tested prove to be effective, they could be licensed as early as the beginning of next year, but added that there are often delays in vaccine development, the AP reported.

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